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J O S H 


Josh Madden is a North Louisiana musician and music teacher. He has been playing in the Monroe area regularly for more than a decade now, performing live at venues around town and a variety of social functions in the region. His musical influences are Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, and Elton John on the piano, and Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Dave Matthews on guitar. With a repertoire of several hundred songs in all types of genres, he is sure to please crowds of all ages! After graduating from the University of Louisiana at Monroe in 2003 with a degree in Mass Communications, he has been teaching guitar and piano lessons since 2004. He also works at KEDM Public Radio where he has been hosting his show 'The Set List' from 6 til 9pm on Saturdays since 2010.

J e f f  
H i c k s



Jeff’s earliest musical influences were his parents, W.J. and Mary Hicks. They sang and attended tent and camp revivals with the likes of the Reverend Jimmy Swaggart and his cousins Micky Gilley and Jerry Lee Lewis. Jeff’s biggest musical influence was his older brother Billy. Billy taught his younger brothers to play music so he could have his own band. Jeff got away from music after his brothers left Louisiana to tour the country. Jeff left the band to attend college and did not play for more than 10 years. Then, a close friend, Paul Amy, encouraged him to reconnect with his musical past, and hey started a duo that has been playing for almost 20 years. Jeff's next band, NOMOJO, played bluegrass at Enoch's Pub for 10 years. The band featured Ken Breard, Matt Morgan, and Hallie Yarbrough. They played festivals, events, and privately for Vice President Dick Cheney. Other musicians that Jeff has played with include: Bernard Veillon, Billy Ledbetter, GG Shinn, Buddy Flett, Po’Henry and Tookie, Kenny Bill Stinson, Claire, Brynna, and Daniel Stanley, Lee Ferguson, Toby Traylor, Adam Ryland, Jeremy Bostelmann, Trey Sullivan, Wally “Pete” Williams, Monty Russell, Mason Granade, Walter Sartor, Jim Payne, Roofus “Rip” Wimberley, Mike Foster Jr., Zachariah Loyd Tillotson, Blue Lou, and The Blues Heals.

M I K E  



Mike started playing at the age of 11, and had his first band "Ace's High" at 13 yrs old with a couple of neighborhood friends. A few years later, Mike started playing with various Metal bands such as "Kamikaze", "Legion", and several others. Mike was drawn to Rock at first, then went into Progressive Rock, with influences such as "Rush" and "Dream Theater". After that, Mike broke away and started teaching drum lessons for about 7 years. Mike also played in a professional rock band by the name of "Heaven". He did a small tour with them with gigs in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana. 

K E I T H  


General Patterson has been playing guitar since the age of 13, first taking lessons from the jazz great Roland Gresham in Nashville, TN. He then proceeded to wear out all the albums he could get his hands on; trying to copy licks from Santana, Steely Dan, ZZ Top, and all the other usual suspects. After a quick stint in the Navy, the ol' General proceeded on to a tumultuous college career then out into the gigging world. Moving to Ruston, LA in 1984, General Patterson played guitar in just about every outfit in the area, including a five year stint with the great Kenny Bill Stinson.  Moving forward, General Patterson became a member of "Howard Shaft", touring the South with the boys and recording a CD with the band. After moving around the country as an archeological field tech, he finally moved back to North Louisiana and fell in with Monty Russell, for whom he has played guitar for 12 years. Opening for the likes of Willie Nelson, Dwight Yoakam, and Blues Traveler; the General has payed his dues... and then some. General Patterson now splits his guitar duties between Monty Russell and Josh Madden and can be seen on occasion gigging with Chris Canterbury, Wade Reeves, and Beaux Atkins. General Patterson plays a Gibson 335, a Fender Strat, as well as a Telecaster, and uses a Gretsch White Falcon for his acoustic duties. He uses old Peavey tube amps (Mace and Artist, as well as a Delta Blues) because, “they were made in the South and Skynyrd used them, so they are good enough for me!!". You can check out his original music on iTunes on his CD's "Shackville", and "Daredevil".  Also, look for his new release, "Native American" soon to hit iTunes.

C H R I S   


Chris grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. He came from a musical family and began playing saxophone and guitar in grade school. His first professional gig was at 16 years old. Taking advantage of the vast talent in Chicago, Chris went on to study with Lou "Chip" Gdalman, Rich Corpolongo, Joe Daley and Mark Colby, and continued his formal education at DePaul University and the Bloom School of Jazz. He has had the great pleasure of performing with several great musical talents such as Brad Goode, Koko Taylor, G.E. Smith, The Drifters, Lin Halliday, Jodie Christian, and Phil Woods.

S H E L B Y   
c C A R T Y 


Shelby was born and raised in West Monroe, LA. His earliest trumpet hero was the late Maynard Ferguson. He received a bachelors in music education from the University of Louisiana-Monroe in 2008. He has studied trumpet from Marilynn Gibson, Mike Vax, Mike Williams, and Jason Smith. Shelby has performed with many incredible musicians over the years, including; "Blue" Lou Marini, Bill Watrous, Tom "Bones" Malone, and many more. He has also been a featured soloist with the LA Legacy Jazz Orchestra, who recently toured Hawaii. 

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